IELTS GT Writing Introduction for Beginners

Candidates answer two questions in one hour.

What is IELTS GT Writing Task 1?

Task 1 is a 150-word letter.

Some short information in bullet points is given. Candidates must use all of this as the basis of their letter.

The letter may be:

  1. a request for information
  2. an offer of information
  3. some advice, usually to a friend a complaint
  4. an apology an invitation
  5. a personal view (eg: writing to a local newspaper)
  6. some other expression (eg: congratulating another person).

The letter may be formal, semi-formal, or informal, depending on who will receive it.

What is IELTS GT Writing Task 2?

GT Task 2 is virtually the same as Academic Task 2, although problem-solution essays are more frequent.