IELTS Listening Practice Answering Questions and Multiple Choice

This article contains 20 IELTS listening practice videos. Most of the contents are daily life scenes often encountered in foreign life, such as job hunting, hotel reservations, banking, etc.; there are also some scenes of studying abroad, such as talking with tutors, school libraries, and asking about student unions, etc.

These listening exercises include a variety of question types that appear in the 1ELTS listening test, such as: completing sentences (Sentence Completion), answering questions (Answer Questions), multiple choice (Multiple Choice), judging whether the sentence is accurate or not mentioned (Accurate /Inaccurate/Not Given). Each exercise in this unit is equivalent to a section (Section) of the IELTS listening test, and the examinee’s listening comprehension ability is checked through a variety of question types.

Candidates are advised to review the questions carefully before listening. According to the requirements of the IELTS listening test, each part is preceded by 30 seconds of reading time. Candidates should make full use of the 30 seconds. You can quickly read all the questions in this part in the first 10 seconds to understand what questions are in this part; then use the next 20 seconds to read the first 3~4 questions carefully in order to understand and remember. targeted. In addition, although the order of the questions is consistent with the order in which the answers appear in the listening materials, remember as many questions as possible. This can effectively avoid missing a few questions due to not capturing a question point.