IELTS Listening Practice Description and Location

This article contains 20 IELTS listening exercises. The focus of the exercise is character description (Description) and finding directions (Location). These two skills are indispensable in our daily life and are closely related to real life abroad.

These listening exercises use pictures, charts and maps to help candidates choose the person or place they are looking for through descriptions of characters, or instructions and guidance on directions. Cultivate the comprehensive ability of listening, watching and memorizing through practice.

It is suggested that candidates should pay attention to the similarities and differences of the characters in the pictures when doing picture exercises, so as to improve the hit rate of answering questions. When doing exercises to find directions, you should carefully look at the existing information on the map, such as street names and place names. In this way, even if you don’t keep up with the instructions when doing listening exercises, as long as you remember the place names on the map, it will help you find the location, because when giving instructions, you often use the place names in the map as a reference, such as: opposite the church, behind the school, next to the post office.