IELTS Listening Practice Form Filling and Table Completion

There are 20 IELTS listening practice videos in this post. The content is selected from various conversations in daily life abroad, such as making phone calls, looking for a job, booking a hotel room, opening a bank account, etc.

In the IELTS listening test, the basic question types that often appear are Form Filling or Table Completion. These types of questions require test takers to fill in information on forms based on what they have heard to test their ability to comprehend and the accuracy of their comprehension. The focus of this unit is on form filling practice, the purpose is to help candidates understand and familiarize themselves with the question types; at the same time, through listening to daily conversations, improve candidates’ actual listening ability and cultivate candidates’ ability to capture important information in listening to English conversations.

Candidates are advised to carefully read the questions and sentences in the form before listening, and develop the habit of carefully reviewing questions. Learn to look horizontally and vertically at the existing information on the chart and the information that needs to be filled in, so that you know what you know. In this way, in the process of listening, you can find the required information in a targeted manner, accurately grasp the information to be recorded, and fill it in the correct column.