IELTS Listening Question Types Answering Questions

Answering questions are a common type of question in the IELTS listening test. Candidates are required to answer questions with brief phrases on the basis of listening and comprehension, and it is generally advisable to use phrases of no more than three words. For the short-answer questions, it is important to write down the key words. Grammar is not the most important thing. Function words may not be written (such as prepositions and articles can be omitted). Candidates must strictly abide by the requirements for the number of words in the answer questions.

There are 15 exercises in this post, and the content is selected from topics in popular science, daily life and study. The aim is to help candidates understand and familiarize themselves with the question types through various themes, and improve students’ comprehensive comprehension ability in actual listening.

It is recommended that candidates read each question carefully when they see this type of question. Read to know what you will hear and the questions you will answer. When reading each question, you can underline or mark the key words so that you can remember the key points. Before listening, try to remember the first 2~3 questions, so that you know what information to look for when listening, and know what to expect. Once you find the answers to the first 2~3 questions while listening, you should immediately continue to look down at 2~3 questions. This way, reading two or three questions at a time will not only help you remember the questions, but also help you remember the questions once the information appears out of sequence. Problems can also be found. Remember not to focus on just one question.


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