IELTS Listening Question Types Matching

Matching question is a common question type in the IELTS listening test, which can appear in any of the four listening parts. Matching questions are a form of audio-visual practice. The basic question type is to match diagrams, tables, etc. with relevant information to test the examinee’s ability to understand listening materials.

There are 15 exercises in the post, and the content is selected from possible scenes in daily life, such as introducing the library, visiting the campus, discussing about family and friends, etc. The purpose is to help candidates understand and familiarize themselves with the question types and improve students’ practical listening ability through daily dialogues, lectures and discussions.

Finding directions according to instructions is an indispensable skill in our daily life and is closely related to real life abroad. This unit uses graphs and tables to help candidates find matching places and relevant information through orientation instructions and guidance. Candidates should carefully read the instructions when doing this type of questions, understand the requirements of the questions, carefully read the existing information or directions on the charts and tables, and the content of the options that need to be matched, such as street names, place names, etc. When listening to the recording, if you fail to follow the instructions, you can find the answer with the help of the place names and their locations marked on the map, because the instructions are often referred to the place names already in the map, such as opposite the church, behind the school, next to the post office etc.

Numbers of College Students

Household Expenditure

Plan for the Party


Nutrition Part 1

Nutrition Part 2

The Elephants

A Campus Tour

A Library Tour

Types of Housing

A Map of the Small Town

Discussion about the Family


The Health Insurance

A Discussion on Education