IELTS Listening Question Types Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice questions are a common question type in the IELTS listening test, and generally appear in the last three parts of listening. This type of question is a combination of listening and reading, requiring candidates to answer questions based on what they have heard. Questions contain three or more options.

There are 15 exercises in this post, and the content is selected from materials such as popular science and news. The purpose is to improve and cultivate candidates’ ability to capture information through exercises, and help candidates understand and be familiar with multiple-choice questions.

It is suggested that when doing this kind of questions, whether it is a text multiple-choice question or a graph-type multiple-choice question, the candidates should first carefully read the question stem of each question to figure out the requirements of the question, and then read each option to figure out the difference between them. Before listening, try to remember the first 2~3 questions, so that you can know what you want when you start listening. After completing the first 2~3 questions, immediately continue to look down 2~3 questions, so that reading the questions two or three times at a time will not only help you remember the questions, but also help you find the questions once the information appears out of sequence. point. Candidates should remember not to focus on just one question.

Fire Making

The News Report

A Survey

The Saturn Rocket

William Thomson

Global Issues Part 1

Global Issues Part 2


British Newspapers

A Story of Galileo

Sea Animals

Tai Chi Society of Canada

A Report from London

Dying to Be Thin

Water Concerns