IELTS Listening Question Types Note Taking

Note Taking questions are a common question type in the IELTS listening test. It often appears in the third and fourth parts of the test and is a combination of listening and reading.

The exercises in this post cover two types of Note Taking questions that appear in the IELTS Listening test:

  1. To complete the sentence (Sentence Completion), it is required to fill in no more than 3 words. The filler words are usually in the middle of the sentence and sometimes at the end of the sentence.
  2. Summary or Notes Completion. The abstract fill-in-the-blank question is to give a summary of one or more paragraphs with blank spaces based on part or all of the content heard, and requires candidates to fill in the missing information according to the content heard. The filled information is generally 1 to 3 words. Answers can often be found directly from what you have heard.

There are 15 exercises in this post. Selected from materials such as popular science and news, as well as hot issues in daily life. The exercises require students to summarize and sort out the information on the basis of listening and comprehension, and complete the information with concise words or phrases. The purpose of the test is to help candidates understand and familiarize themselves with the question types of the exam through a large number of long-term exercises, and to cultivate their ability to take the test, the ability to capture important information in listening to English conversations, lectures and reports, and the comprehensive ability to take notes while listening.


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