IELTS Listening Strategy # 12 Listen for Information Changes

Often the speaker will give some information which seems important for an answer. Then suddenly the speaker will stop and change the information.

This happens so often on the IELTS listening test that you need to be ready for it. In fact, it’s what you might call ‘the oldest trick in the book’. Because it is so common.

Usually, the first piece of information is a ‘distractor’ and the second piece is the answer you need.

For example, the speaker will say:

The phone number is 5639 3772, no, sorry, the number is 5639 3227.

Keep in mind, this usually happens in section one, when there is information being exchanged between two people.

The important point is that you need to be ready to change the information.


When this happens on the test, the correct answer will be the final piece of information that you hear. You can ignore the first piece because the first piece is the distractor.