IELTS Listening Strategy # 14 Eliminate Incorrect Answers in Multiple-Choice Questions

When answering multiple choice questions on the Paper-Based Test, you should cross out the wrong answers. In most cases, there is only one correct answer. Of course, you should quickly look at the instructions to confirm that you only need one answer.

It is a good idea to remember the ‘true, false, not given’ idea with multiple choice. Therefore:

If the answer is not given – cross it out

If the answer is false – cross it out

If the answer is true – do not cross it out, this should be correct.

Here is an example of a multiple-choice question.

You will hear:

The next hardware feature to consider is the screen, also known as the monitor. There are numerous functions of a monitor that help the user make multiple adjustments, according to the needs of each individual. 


Choose the best answer, A, B, C or D.


According to the speaker, computer monitors are designed to:

display audible information

be limited in height

C include various viewing settings

show colourful lights and buttons.


Comment:  The correct answer is ‘c’.

The correct answer has been found by crossing out the incorrect information, as well as by using synonyms. In this case, the phrase ‘multiple adjustments’ has the same meaning as ‘various viewing settings’.  This type of synonym is an example of a parallel phrase – phrases that have the same meaning.

In some questions all answers will be correct or incorrect. If this happens, you should choose the ‘all of the above’ or ‘none of the above’ option.