IELTS Listening Strategy # 19 Know When to Use Capital Letters

In IELTS listening, making a mistake with a capital letter is like making a mistake with spelling. Therefore, you need to know that capital letters are used in the following ways:

1. The first letters of personal names:
Jack Thompson, Leonie Hughes

2. The first letters of qualifications:
Certificate IV in Social Services
Bachelor of Sports Science
Master of Civil Engineering

3. The first letters of titles:
The Institute of International Relations
The Future of Mobile Technology

4. The first letters of individual titles:
Ms, Mrs, Mr, Dr, Professor
Prime Minister, President

5. The first letters of a company:
Apple Corporation

6. The first letter of a town, city, country, region, state, province or territory:
Brighton, Vermont, Victoria, the United Kingdom, East Asia

7. The first letter of a day of the week or month:
Tuesday, Sunday, May, October

8. The letters of abbreviations for names:

9. Capitals are NOT used for institutions when the name is not mentioned:
She is studying at college.
She is studying at Maine College.
He went to the bank.
He went to the National Bank.

Bonus Tip!

It is acceptable to write all capitals on the IELTS answer sheet (eg SUSAN JONES instead of Susan Jones, which will help you avoid problems with capitals. However, some people find this slows them down if it is not their normal mode of writing.