IELTS Listening Strategy # 20 Stay with the Speaker

Successful IELTS candidates are patient on the listening test. In other words, they do not rush to write down their answers or get anxious when they are waiting for an answer to appear.

Instead, the patient candidates will carefully stay with the speaker and confidently mark the answers as they appear.

Therefore, you need to know where you are on the question sheet as you listen to the speakers. If you are not in the right spot, you cannot answer the questions.

A good way to know where you are on the listening is to look at two questions at the same time (for example, look at question six and question seven at the same time).

If you only look at one question you may get lost, because if you don’t hear the information you are expecting, you will still be waiting and you will miss the next answer.

Therefore, always make sure you quickly look over the page, at two or more questions, so you always stay with the speaker.

Once again, remember, the IELTS listening is full of tricks, and the correct answer is often given after the trick has happened.

Therefore, you should not be in a hurry to answer your questions too early, because the second piece of information may be more accurate than the first piece of information.