IELTS Listening Strategy # 24 Use your 10 Minutes Transfer Time Effectively

At the end of the Paper Based listening test, you have 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. Transfer your answers quickly and accurately, making sure you write neatly and inside the box.

It is a good idea to practice writing answers in an answer box every time you take a practice test. This helps you develop the skill of being organised and transferring answers quickly and neatly enough for the examiners to read.

Multiple Choice

Write the letter of the correct answer

Sentence Completion

Write the answer – not the whole sentence

Gap fill

Write only the word that goes in the gap

True – False – Not Given

Write T, F or N


Any order is okay.  January 12(th) or 12(th) January

Standard Abbreviations

Do not use abbreviations for words that are not normally abbreviated. For example, Professor Johnson, should not be written Prof. Johnson.

Write abbreviations such as:

Street – St

Avenue – Ave

Kilograms – kg

Kilometres per hour – km/h

Mister – Mr

Doctor – Dr