IELTS Listening Strategy # 25 Practice Your Listening Skills

Listening is a language skill that is vital for communication. However, it is often done poorly. One reason for this is that people often don’t practice listening in the way they practice the other skills of reading, writing and speaking.

Therefore, always remember, listening must be practiced. In fact, there are opportunities to practice it wherever you are.

The following strategies will be useful:

  • Listen to news radio, podcasts and academic lecturesfrom websites.
  • Try to listen for specific informationsuch as names, places and dates.
  • Practice speaking and listeningin English as much as you can before the exam and listen very carefully for details when someone speaks to you in English.
  • While watching televisionor movies will give you some practice, it is not the best practice, as you are listening and viewing at the same time. This is different to the listening skills you will need during your IELTS listening exam.
  • Try to take as many practice tests as possibleso you are familiar with the common questions, synonyms, instructions, tricks and timing of the test.

Final Listening Tip!

The IELTS listening exam is unlike any other type of listening you do in daily life. You need to listen for the main ideas as well as small details, so you must concentrate extremely hard for the full thirty minutes.

In particular, candidates often become tired in the last part of the exam, so it is important to keep focused and keep listening until the end of section four.