IELTS Listening Strategy # 3 Know Who is Talking in Each Section

The speakers you will hear in the listening test are as follows:

IELTS Listening Part 1

A conversation between two people. This may about buying or selling a product or service, completing an application form, making a booking or finding out information about an upcoming event.

IELTS Listening Part 2

A talk by one person about a general topic. This may include a radio program that talks about an issue, or a tour guide giving information about a new tour. It may be about an interesting new product or service which is innovative.

IELTS Listening Part 3

A conversation between students or university professors, in which they discuss an academic situation such as an assignment task or research paper. There is always academic information involved in this section.

IELTS Listening Part 4

A lecture given by one speaker who has a great deal of knowledge about a topic. Most of the time this involves a professor at a university or some other higher education institution talking about an academic topic such as biology, history or economics.


The listening section is the same for both Academic IELTS and General IELTS. This means that even if you take the General IELTS test, you will still need to be ready to listen to academic type of information in part 3 and 4 of the listening test.