IELTS Listening Strategy # 8 Underline Keywords in the Questions

By underlining keywords in the questions, you will gain an understanding of the main ideas.

Once again, the questions are like a summary of the information you will hear, so use the questions to give you a general idea of what the topic is about.

Also, underlining helps you focus on the specific information you need to listen for in order to answer the questions.

You need to do this quickly in the time that you are given before each listening starts.

Let’s look at some examples:

One major problem with the first system was that ………

1n 1895, a famous new system was developed by ………

Longer films were not made at the time because of problems involving ……….

Note: this tip for underlining keywords is only for the Paper Based IELTS test. For the Computer-Based Test, you can train your eye to quickly scan over the words and find the important words in each sentence.