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IELTS Reading Introduction for Beginners

The Reading test follows the Listening test in the IELTS exam. It is a different test for Academic and General Training candidates.
Both Reading tests have 40 questions to be answered in 60 minutes. The question types are the same, but the text types and lengths differ slightly. Journal, magazine, and newspaper articles form the basis of the Academic test, which has around 2700 words. Answers are common words in English as well as words from the Academic Word List.

Each candidate is given a question booklet and an answer sheet, which are collected at the end of the test. The booklet contains the instructions, questions, and reading texts. Candidates can write on it.

Unlike the Listening test, there is no time to transfer answers at the end of the Reading test. Candidates write their answers on the answer sheet as they read. People who supervise the Reading test remind candidates to do this. Any answer that can’t be read easily is marked wrong .